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Vim Registers

Nov 2023
Paste multiple items

Environment Variables with Kubernetes Secrets

Jan 2020
How to set MySQL env vars in Kubernetes

Setup NFS for Minikube

Dec 2019
How to setup NFS in Minikube

Git Alias with Arguments

Feb 2018
Git aliases

Learning Software Development

Jan 2018
Thoughts on beginning the journey of learning software development

Remove your terminal history on remote servers

Dec 2017
Clear your Bash history

Bootstrap CSS in Django Forms

Mar 2017
Use Boostrap in your forms

Python Argument Syntax

Feb 2017
args and kwargs for Python

Python Exceptions

Jan 2017
Python exceptions overview

PostgreSQL for Django in Travis CI

Dec 2016
Setup Postgres in Travis for Django

Customizing Git Log Output

Nov 2016
How to format Git log output

Running Different Versions of Python

Oct 2016
Multiple Python version

Change Python Version in an Existing Virtualenv

Sep 2016
Update Python version in virtualenvwrapper

Set Environment Variable for Virtualenv

Mar 2016
Set environment variables in Python virtualenv

Clean URLs with Pelican

Jan 2016
Pelican clean URLs

Learning Vim

Sep 2015
Getting started with Vim